Monday, January 5, 2009

When the Dark of Night Closes In

What is it about the late night hours that make a young, female, want-to-be authoress' mind go wild?

Was it the hundreds of quotes about books and reading she had read the night before, or was it the book she had read before turning out the lights and crawling under the covers. After all, the Bible is the best book ever written. Surely it could have inspired something.

It couldn't have been the trip to the library earlier that day, or the hours spent reading the sequel to one of her favorite novels.

Why is it she must find the perfect wording for the end of her work in progress at that moment, when her eyelids are heavy, and all around her, her family is sleeping.

Then, just as the words click together. Just when everything falls into place, her dreams take over, and in the morning when the light comes on and the sound of the house screams morning in her ears. Why is it she has forgotten those magic words? Why is it they have run away from her mind, never to come home again.

Perhaps make their way into another novel, another teenage girls late night thoughts.

Gone forever… the perfect phrase that would have made her novel famous. The big one that got away.