About Georgie

Georgianna Penn. A teenage girl with crazy dreams. Dreams of someday publishing a book, or making a movie. Dreams of getting married and having her own babies. Dreams of following the Lord, no matter where that takes her. Georgie believes in living your dreams. 

She is in the process of finishing draft two of her current writing priority. She tries to write at least 750 words a day, wether that be in that second draft, or simply writing whatever's on her mind. She writes a wide range of genre's from fantasy, to sci-fi, to historical fiction and back again. Georgie loves to write.

She has completed 12 years of home education. Georgie is a 2011 homeschool graduate.

Anything Robin Hood thrills her to bits. Books, films, tv shows. She has even written a novel of her own based on the outlaws legendary tale, although using her own characters and putting a different twist on the story. Georgie is a hoodie.

She is almost always listening to music and you will be sure to find a strange mix of artists on her i-pod (named Danny Boy after the song) that include Owl City, Celtic Thunder, Celtic Woman, Tim McGraw, Craig Morgan, and Josh Groban, Blake Shelton, and Rodney Atkins. To name a few. Georgie loves music.

She is a middle child in a family of six. She has an older sister, and two younger brothers. Added to the bunch is her best friend who more often than not feels like a twin sister. Georgie is a daughter, sister, and friend.

Most of all she believes Jesus Christ spent a sinless life on earth, was killed, and rose again on the third day. Georgie is a Christian.