Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pan-Pipes, Backpacker Guitars, and Tin-Flutes

It all started when Kekoa asked what the instrument Mr. Tumnes played was called. You know, the amazing little flute that makes the flames dance, literally. Mum said she thought it was a pan-flute.

I've always thought it would be cool to play that little flute, whatever it is, so when we got home I googled the pan-flute. Mum was wrong. It is not the pan-flute he plays. In fact, the instrument he does play was fabricated entirely for the movie.

However, I was soon captivated by the pan-flute, or pan-pipes. Gorgeous instruments that make beautiful sounds, I decided I wanted to play one. I still do, but it'll have to wait till I can save the money.

During my search for pan-flutes I also happened to discover the backpacker guitar. Another hour looking those up. Another instrument added to the list to save for.

While researching backpacker guitars I discovered the point of this post. The tin-whistle, or the penny-whistle. Not as pretty as a pan-flute, but they still make an amazing sound when played right. Small, easy to travel with. Good idea for someone living in a motor home. Not only that, they were much more easy attainable. The one I wanted was only $20.

One problem. I don't have $20. A plan began to form in my mind. I approached Mum with it the next morning. "If I can finish this grade of math (that's 38 lessons peeps) in a week, will you get me the $20 tin-whistle I want?"

Her answer. "Possibly."

Good enough for me. Four days later I announced I had finished that level in math. She ordered the tin-flute. I am now eagerly awaiting it's arrival, hoping it will get here before Christmas.

I discovered an awesome website that teaches you how to play the tin-flute, totally for free. Videos and all. Despite the lack of flute, I've already watched several of the first lessons.

I've watched tons of youtube videos about tin-flutes, people playing tin-flutes, people talking about tin-flutes.

Now I just need mine.


  1. Yayayayay! Now we can *jam* with our tin whistles and recorders. ;)

  2. I'm glad to start back to my blog reading... I've missed several great posts over the last couple weeks, with the Christmas schedule at hand. It was a great holiday though!

    So.... How exciting about your tin-flute! A new instrument is always a lovely thing. (And may I also say Congratulations for accomplishing 38 math lessons in 4 days. *grin*)

    Well....Off to catch up on more blogs that I must read!
    ~ Tarissa