Monday, June 30, 2008

When the Ink Stops Flowing

That horrible moment when you realize the ink is fading. The t, is not as dark as the s was. The word you were writing fades into the paper, never to be seen in it’s true form.

"NO! You can’t do this!"

You direct the tip of the pen to the top corner of your paper and scribble furiously. "Stay with me!" You shout.

"Come on, you can make it!"

Next comes CPR, you shake it vigorously, then start mouth to mouth, licking the ball point briskly and scribbling again. "You can’t do this to me!"

It’s no use, your forever faithful pen is gone, finished, never to be used again.

Someone pats you on the shoulder, and writes all the faster with there special little writing tool as the horror of what just happened sets in.

Then someone steps forward hand outstretched. "Here, take mine. I have two."

Your eyes water, and the tears begin to fall. "Thank you."

The school report is finished in blue ink, instead of black, and the world goes back to normal.

So it is at my house. Moral: Never waste good pen ink.