Current Writing Projects

The Way We Think

My NaNoWriMo novel for 2010. First & second draft complete. Total word count of first draft, 65,363. Word count on Second Draft: 75,464. 

The Way We Think is about Grant Fallyn, and his closets friends who just happen to be superheros. They are convinced to go to a special school for superheros and leave their families to do so. At first everything goes wonderfully, but things start to take a different turn. They soon discover The Academy was just a cover for something more. Something big. Something bad. With Grant's younger brother Ian, at stake, they set out to stop the evil plots of ECG. Another fellow superhero, just with a different mindset.           (Image credit: Vector Junky)

The Way We Love

NaNoWriMo novel of 2011. Sequel to The Way We Think. First draft currently in progress.

The Way We Love brings back the well loved characters of The Way We Think. Set eight years later the friends are still trying to work out the events of the past. Not only what happened in the last book, but the events that have happened before that. Events that they themselves cannot even remember. When it's suspected that one of Grant and Luna's sons may have superpowers, they take a trip to First World to discover some truths, picking up friends along the way that will help them against the fight for Ranen's life. 

Ash Valley

The second book in a series I've been working on since I first started to write, Ash Valley (working title), is only in first draft. About half way to the finish. Total word count so far, 50,364. 

Kidnapped by her mislead Uncle Dugan as revenge on her Father, Luvi is held hostage with her body guard, Braylin. For four months they are held against their will, as they journey to a place Braylin has told Luvi is only a myth. Ash Valley. Dugan has other ideas however, and is convinced the valley is a real place, as well as the prize he believes he will find there. A breed of horses unlike any man has ever imagined. A breed of horses that would make his army the victor in any battle. 
His plans of revenge slowly start to crumbled though as he grows closer to his niece and learns from the most unlikely source that life isn't all about him and his quest for power. 

Rejected Joy

NaNoWriMo novel of 2009. Inspired by Robin Hood. First draft complete. Second draft not yet started. Total word count, 62,121.

Kira tries to tell herself she is happy with the normal life of a young woman in her small home town, but when her best friend announces she's going to be married, she is finally convinced she is called to something more... but what? She finds out rather suddenly when Wynn, an old friend of her Grandmother's comes to visit unexpectedly. Hidden deep in the forest are twelve young boys Wynn has rescued from various places. Boy's who society believes, have been denied the right to live. Kira agrees to help take care of the special bunch, but in doing so brings on the wrath of the sheriff, who has been trying to put an end to Wynn's good deeds for sometime. As Kira gets to know the boys better, she always learns more and more about Wynn. Discovering he has far more than just a caring heart hidden beneath the surface. 

Trillan's Thrown

Two years in the writing. Inspired by my Bible hero, David. First draft still in progress. Total word count, 37,262. 

Forced to leave his royal home to save his life, Prince Trillan decides to bide his time before returning to take his role as King of Aanoor. Finding a family that is willing to take the child in, he tells them his name is Teine. Years pass and he learns the trade of training horses, becoming famous for his skill in the subject. When news comes of his Father's death, he tells his new found family who he really is, and prepares to return to Paranoor, his home, and take back what was taken from him. His best friend Carrell, and his young wife, Cale going with him. 
Once in Paranoor Trillan's story is based very closely on that of David. The man who drove him away, his Uncle Teine, playing the role of Saul. 

Dancing in the Rain

A novel inspired by a painting. Set in England, 1954. First draft in progress. Total word count, 6,328.

Alec. Mid-twenties. Brown hair. Tall and handsome. Blithe. Early twenties. Brown hair. Joyful personality. Stunning smile. A young couple who refuse to let the bad things in life ruin their good days. Which, for them, is every day. Their joys and struggles as they dance through life, despite the rain that may be falling. 

His Messengers 

Co-authoring with My Sam. First draft in progress. Total word count, 16,768.

Kearan has been struggling to support himself and his sister since their parents death. A burden no child should have to live through. When a notice is sent out, calling all teams that are interested in being trained as Messengers, Kearan packs their few belongings and sets out, trusting The Maker to take care of them. At the school they meet Jesse. A man unlike any other, and man who loves them, and is begins to teach them everything they will need to know for the task before them. 


  1. Your stories sound fascinating; keep it up!

  2. It would be cool to have a cover for HM... any ideas?

  3. Your stories sound awesome! Mine are sort of pathetic :P

  4. Hey!

    This will probably sound a bit strange, since you have no idea who I am,'ve written a Robin Hood re-telling. That is SO cool! Do you have any of it uploaded where I can read it? I'm a sucker for Robin Hood (I have friends who call me the Professor of Robinhoodology) and it doesn't help that I wrote a re-telling of my own...

    So, sort of random comment, but I couldn't resist. It's so neat when I discover other writers who are Christians AND Robin Hood enthusiasts. It makes me happy. :)