Monday, March 14, 2011

Just The Facts

Hi. I'm just here to say...

  • God is good. Without a doubt.
  • The Oregon coast is to beautiful to put into words and inspires like you wouldn't believe.
  • Second families can bless you more then you would ever imagine possible.
  • Writing song lyrics in giant letters on the beach was added and scratched from my bucket list in one day.
  • It is possible to get a book, copyright date 1908, for a dollar.
  • Adorable four year old boys on horseback melt my heart.
  • Coming home from a trip to find a brand new MacBook Pro on my bed would make my night. Oh wait... it did.


  1. Amen. To everything. Especially the OR coast. (W00T! Represent! lol.)

    What book did you get??

  2. Yes, I want to know what book you got, as well! Tell us, tell us!

  3. Next time, I'm coming too.
    That's all. xD

  4. Oh, yes! Please, you must share what lovely old book you found!

    And... seriously? A brand new laptop? Wow, that's a whole story that I am looking forward too. Including its new name, of course.