Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beautiful People - Heskith Cealnoor

Beautiful People! It's back. I love answering random questions about my characters. You would be amazed how much you learn about them in just ten questions!

This month I'll be answering the questions for the main character in the novel I'm working on outlining at the moment. His name is Heskith Cealnoor, and he fights to keep the royal family alive, while his brother seeks to destroy it.

1. If his house burned down, and he was left with nothing but the clothes on his back, what would he do? Where would he go? 

Well, the entire capitol and castle would have to burn down before it really affected him to the point of doing something drastic. If it was just his house though, he would move into the castle until he could get things sorted out.

2. Is he happy with where he is in life, or would he like to move on? 
He's pretty happy with where he is, but he doesn't complain when change comes his way.

3. Is he well-paid?
That he is. He's body guard to a king, and then a princess. They pay well.

4. Can he read? 
Yes, but he's never really enjoyed it.

5. What languages does he speak? 
English... that's it, although he later learns to pick up at least a few phrases in other languages.

6. What is his biggest mistake?
In his eyes? Letting his brother slip from his life and become evil.

7. What did he play with most as a child? 
Miany, his best friend. Their most used "toy," were their horses.

8. What are his thoughts on politics? 
He believes Miany should be on the thrown, not Dugan. He would die to defend this belief.... actually, it's his job to defend this belief.

9. What is his expected life-time? 
He's expected to life for awhile... I still haven't actually decided if he will, or not.

10. If he was falsely accused of murder, what would he do? How would he react? 
He would probably laugh, and then once he realized everyone was seriously, he would attempt to find all the flaws in their theory. If they still wouldn't believe him, he'd get angry as the escorted him to the dungeon, where he would stew in his cell until his death. Yep. He would.

If you're a writer, feel free to answer the questions for a character of your own!


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