Friday, June 5, 2009


If you would like to meet one crazy, zany, wacky, one ball of fun head on over to the blog titled Pen 2 Paper.

SmartyJones is a dear friend of mine who never stops surprising me. Literally and figuratively. She is one of those friends that I don’t have a sleep over with, we have stay-all-night-and-talk overs.

SmartyJones is always willing to listen, and she is always willing to talk. Although we may not always agree (she likes John Wayne) we are willing to put our differences aside and have fun. We respect each others thoughts, and ideas.

I love talking about movies and actors with her because we both seem to have somewhat of the same ideas and enjoy a lot of the same kinds of movies. This also could describe us and books.

Another thing I love about SmartyJones is that she loves listening to what ever I have been writing, stories, articles, anything she loves to hear it. Her thoughts and advice have been a real blessing on my writing.

Now you may be wondering why I am writing a post all about my friend SmartyJones

The truth is I asked her what to blog about and she, in her usual manner said, "ME!" So here it is SmartyJones, a whole post about you.

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