Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Lazy Autumn Day

Excerpt from Georgie's journal.

It's raining outside, convincing me that it is, in fact, Autumn. I'm still in my pajamas despite the afternoon looming right around the corner.

Minnie is curled up by my feet, trying to gather all the warmth she can into her soft, fuzzy, little body.

The whole day stretches on before me. I need to catch up on some school and study for my permit. I'm hoping through some miracle I'll be able to get it this week.

Millions of story ideas are tumbling about in my writer's brain and yet even before November has begun, NaNo calls. My outline is not even half way finished and this year I want a complete outline to follow.

Maybe I'll be able to chat with my Sam. I've been loving being able to at least say hello every day again. I can't wait to see her again. I'm not sure when I will, I miss her far to much.

Hopefully today will also hold some quite moments. Moments to simply sit and reflect on God's amazing creation and His glorious love for even me.


  1. You have no comments on this post...

    So here's one. :)

    Very, very lovely post. Autumn has finally decided to show its face around here. I'm excited. :D

    *hugs* Love you!

    ~Your Sam

  2. Nano is coming up fast! Are you ready?