Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Three Days

Day 1: My friend and I kicked off NaNo with an epic sleepover. Sadly, I forgot my computer cord at home so I was only able to write until my battery died, I was able to get word count in though! I sent a desprite plea to my Mother who brought me my cord before my friend and I left for a Celtic Thunder concert. (Totally off subject, but the concert was epic.)

Day 2: Still totally stoked about Celtic Thunder, I got my word count in while watching the DVD I bought at the concert... four times.

Day 3: What do you mean it's only day three? It seems like ages since I was struggling to keep my eyes open to get that first thousand words. I haven't gotten my word count in yet today, but I won't rest till I do. Of course, blaring music through my ear-buds, and chatting with my Sam helps move things along.

And now, because nobody asked for it, an excerpt from my at this point nameless novel.


“What’s going on?” Exie asked, just as confused as those around her.

“I’ve been trying to figure that out myself.”

They all whirled around in surprise at the voice behind them. The voice matched the person they knew it to be. Ranen Ken. His black hair was shaggy and uncombed, giving him a charming roguish look. A small grin spread Exie face.

“Wow, your alive.” Grant seemed surprised.

“Yes, actually.” Ranen spread his arms and grinned, “I am.”


  1. Ok. So you're an amazing writer, Trishelle! I know you are just plugging contentedly along this month! ;) <3

  2. Wow! You make NaNo sound so easy... how do you do that? I'll be looking forward to more updates from you throughout the month!