Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Power of Bubble Wrap

The thing I love the most about NaNoWriMo is everything random that goes along with it. The strange choices you make when it's late at night and you just want to reach your word goal before you fall over dead. Strange choices like bubble wrap.

Another excerpt from my NaNo novel.


She moved with an easy glide towards the last door, the gang following rather awkwardly behind. “The Practice Hall has been finished with bubble wrap so anyone wanting to practice using their power without putting others in danger can put their name on the schedule and get half hour sections.”

“Woah, what?” Ranen held up hand.

“Bubble wrap. A sheet thin plastic injected with pockets of air, used to wrap valuables in to keep them unharmed.” Weston said.

They all looked at him in confusion and then back at Olivia. “What does that have to do with practicing your powers safely?” Grant asked.

She laughed, “I’m sorry. I should have explained. Studies have shown that as of yet, the only thing immune to any superpower, is bubble wrap.”


  1. Oh, goodness. I think... I think I have died. Of laughter.

    This is nothing short of brilliant hilarity and complete awesomeness. xD

  2. THAT was brilliant, Pippy. Anything to boost that ol' wc, eh? ;-)

    ~Da Fro'.