Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving, Nannies, and Hair

First of all. Thanksgiving. We braved the snow, the ice, and the cold, drove for seven hours straight, and surprised my lovely seester with our presence for the day of eating dangerously.

While there I happened to see two new movies. One of them really is a new movie. The other was new for me. I'll start with the new for me.

Nanny McPhee
I had always been rather reluctant to watch this movie. The main reason being it looked like it would be a disappointment. After all, who would want to see a film with such an adorable face as this...
and not enjoy it? In my opinion, that would be a tragedy, and not wanting to go through it, I avoided the movie.

After finally watching it however I would have to say it's about what I expected. Since I had expected not to enjoy it to my fullest however, I wasn't to disappointed so the tragedy turned into a slightly disappointing enjoyment.

The best part was the house, which all in all was awesome. The best room in the house was the inspiring green study.

Oh, and then there was the epic green coat that was at its best while the wearer (Colin Firth, almost as epic as the coat itself) was at full run.

The second movie was in fact, the new Rapunzel movie. Let me just say, I'm so happy Disney is starting to make the princess movies again. Although The Princess and the Frog and Tangled certainly aren't in the same league as the classics, they have a category of their own.

I was trying not to get to excited over this movie, because frankly, I don't expect much out of Disney anymore, but through the whole thing I was in love. It was purely epic.

The characters were lovable, the story well planned with new twists to the classic story, the animation adorable, and some of the scenes were deathly whimsical. *diez* See.

After The Princess and the Frog came out there were a lot of comments about how scary some parts were for younger children. I wouldn't be surprised if I heard the same for Tangled, so I would just like to remind my readers to stop and think about almost all the Disney princess movies they have seen. You can't tell me Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, or Sleeping Beauty didn't have their scary moments. I really don't think things have changed in this respect.

My one disappointment was the lack of songs in the movie. The soundtrack was amazing, and I loved the songs that the characters danced and sang too, but it didn't seem there was very many. In fact, I can only think of three. Very sad.

All in all. Great movie.

Last, but certainly not least. The NaNo widget in my sidebar is not lying. I did reach 50,000 words. *grins* I'll have a bigger post about that later.

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving, however late it may be, and don't forget to get your Christmas music out.


  1. "the day of eating dangerously"... that's the nice way of putting it, eh? By the way, where is your sister? I don't think I quite understand why she's away :~(

    Secondly, I've never really thought much of the Nanny McPhee movie, and have never seen it myself. I'm sure that the green coat was just plain awesome though! Definitely looks like an epic moment. I would almost watch the whole movie just to see that scene! LOVE the green study too, by the way. (apparently somebody in that movie liked green)
    I haven't seen Tangled yet, but I'm looking forward to it! =D

    So. I hope you don't mind me practically writing a whole blog post... on YOUR blog! Anyways... you finished NaNo! EARLY! *applause* Congrats to you! I don't know how I could ever fit 50k into one month... and I just don't know how you NaNo-ers do this. Well done!

  2. Yesh, Tangled was epic, and I did enjoy Nanny McPhee. For me, the main disappointment was the fact that it was so scratched! Ugh, DVD's just realy don't cut it. ;)

    I'm SO glad you came to see me! <333333

  3. My friend and I are going to see Tangled on Saturday! :) I love your blog; I'm a follower!

    In Christ,