Friday, November 19, 2010

Meet the Cast

I'm not sure how many of my readers actually know what my NaNo novel is about. I'm not even sure how many readers I have. Anyway, I realized the other day that although I've posted excerpts and updated you on my progress, some of you, really have no idea who/what I'm talking about. This is a tragedy. A tragedy because the people characters I've slowly been getting to know this month are, to put it simply, amazing. Then again, I could just be biased. You make the call.

First of all, the plot in a nutshell. My novel is about five superheros who have to stop an evil child genius from sucking out all the powers of all the superheros in the five worlds. Yes, five.

Now, the people.

Grant Fallyn
The somewhat unwilling leader of the group. Twenty-five years old, with white hair. His super power is knowing what's false. So don't try lying to him. He lived with his Mom, Dad, and eight year old brother, Ian, before leaving for The Academy and would do almost anything for them. He also happens to be in love with Luna.

“I hope you know what your doing.” Luna whispered from behind him as the sound got nearer.

He glanced over his shoulder and grinned, “not a clue.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Weston Fallyn
Grant's older cousin, and the nerd of the gang. His superpower is hearing voices from the past that have to do with whatever he is doing/hearing. Probably the most misunderstood of the group, he is often laughing at things no one else finds funny. He is very much like an older brother kind of figure.

Like the girls, their room was almost at the end of the hallway. Room V-8. Weston laughed when he saw it.

“What’s so funny?” Grant asked.


They all stared at him, not understanding the humor in the words.

“V-8.” He said again, as if just hearing the words would clear everything up for them. When they continued to stare he sighed, “it used to be a brand of tomato juice.”

Ranen Ken
The troublemaker and heart-breaker of the group. Ranen's power, simply put, is fire. He can conjure it up from almost anything, and its angry heat doesn't burn him. He grew up on the streets, and is still getting used to a more "protected" life. Rather selfish, and willing to do anything to save his own skin. Grant is one of the few people he will actually take advice well from.

Ranen stood in the middle of the Practice Hall. Breathing in and out heavily. It was almost the end of his half hour session and he had worked hard. Sweat glistened on his forehead, soaked his shirt, and covered his arms. The bubble wrap beneath his feet popped as he stepped forward, bringing his hands out in front of him. One last go before he left.

With a shout that would have made Ganghis Khan shiver he raised his hands above his head, palms up. Fire leapt from his hands. It collided with the sealing with a loud crash, spreading across the bubble wrap and crawling down the walls. It surrounded him in its heat, and breath taking power.

Luna Telmarin
Not one to sit back and let the boys do all the work, Luna is almost always up to her elbows trying to keep up with their pranks and games while still keeping a quality of feminine charm. Her superpower is invisibility. Until she went the Academy she lived with her Mom, Dad, and six siblings.

“I have no idea, but I have a feeling they’re harmless.” Grant said.

“I’ll laugh if you move and they bite your head off.” Luna replied.

“Yeah, I’d like you see you laugh while I’m being ripped to shreds by animals that will be turning on you next.”

“Okay, I might not laugh, but it would have been ironic. If those had been your last words.”

“Sometimes I can’t believe the things you find to amuse yourself.”

“It took years of practice.”

“And here I thought you had been born with the gift.”

Exie Shile
Sweet Exie as she is often described. She hates any kind of tension and hostility. Her power is to influence people's moods to that of her own. Unfortunately she occasionally suffers from drastic mood swings. The youngest of the group she is well looked after by the others.

“None of it makes sense!” She shouted, and that’s when he felt the terror. A fear unlike he any he had ever felt before, one he hoped he would never have to go through again. She was scared, more then scared. No words could describe the feelings she was going through, and unconsciously sharing with Weston.

“It makes no sense!” Exie repeated, “but we’re here anyway! In the dark, in this box. No way out!” She screamed.

ECG (Evil Child Genius)
The villain of the novel. An eight year old genius who fancies taking over all five worlds and turning them all into a place of fear and darkness. His own superpower was at one time to spread life from anything he touched, but as his heart began to turn evil, so did his power. He now spreads death and destruction.

Finally, he came to a small wooden door, the knob on it in the form of a large ring. No locks adorned it, with a simple pull he entered the room beyond. One small candle cast light on the small platform he stood on. In front of him, nothing. He wasn’t sure himself how far you would fall if you happened to be pushed over the edge, but he liked to imagine it was long enough to be fully terrified before meeting the bottom.


  1. Your characters are amazing! So much more developed than mine. I also loved your dialogue. My dialogue is terrible, yours is quite witty.

  2. Amazing, indeed. :D I loved reading this... You've got such a great concept going.

  3. Wow, awesome characters! Love the little excerpts you included. Now... I'm really interested... give me more!

  4. Wowie, I just found this post... you're amazing! Where's the novel so I can read it???? XD