Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In Which Georgie Remembers Why She Wants to Direct Film

Just when you think the world has truly gone under and turned their back on God. Just when you think there is nothing humanly possible to help those around you. Just when everything looks completely and utterly lost, you find things like this.

The fact that Carrie Underwood even chose to sing this song surprises me (albeit in a rather... interesting choice of dress). It makes me wonder who will watch this and listen to those words? Who will close the page as soon as they hear the first line? Who in the audience was listening to the message of how great Thou art? Did she realize she could affect hundreds, if not thousands of people by singing this? Did she realize that children are watching her, looking up to her, waiting for her next move?

I just finished reading a book called Harry & Frodo: Understanding Visual Media and its Impact on Our Lives. While rather redundant, it did make clear to me once again, just how much media has an impact on our lives. It affects us more than most people would think. With this renewed realization, I was reminded why I want to make movies. Why I want to make good movies. So much could be accomplished in that field. So many people reached. It doesn't even have to have blaring Christian themes. Just a movie with good morals would be nice for once. With a hero that you can learn from.

Then again, it's not that easy to get yourself in a position to be that kind of an influence. Even if I were to get the money to make a movie, it doesn't mean anyone would watch it. I've told myself this a thousand times, and yet I keep hearing a little voice out of nowhere, "but what if they did?"

I'd like to think Carrie Underwood's standing ovation was due to the fact that she was willing to stand on that stage and sing about a God who has been rejected by society, not just because she sang it like a... well... country star. I believe this youtube video can change lives, if that's the plan God has for it. I believe a film about a person with the faith of a mustard seed, would make an impact on someone out there, and in the end, if it brought just one person a step closer to Christ, my goal will have been reached.


  1. This is a wonderful video, :D

    Ditto on your blog post too.

  2. Well said, my dear, far too well said.

    Methinks we are soulmates. But only one of us has such skills of articulation. *bows to Georgianna*

    Seriously girl, amazing post. Wonder if I could get away with copying and pasting it and posting it on my blog.... jk, but you know what I mean :]