Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lessons to be Learned Within 57 Pages


Two weeks ago tomorrow, my Sam and I started writing our very first script. Ever.
We decided to try for 50 pages by the end of this month. Today we reached 57 pages. In just those pages we've already learned a great deal.
1. We're in love with screenwriting.
2. It doesn't take as long to write one page, as it does to write 750 words.
3. One man can accidentally be turned into two, but still be one person. (Don't ask)
4. It's very easy to have a lack of connection between co-authors.
5. Nine year old boys can pop out of nowhere and completely steal your heart.
6. It is possible to keep on top of editing/novel writing while doing Script Frenzy.
7. Flashbacks can be either awesome, or a pain.
8. We now know what terms like "slugline," "V.O.," "O.S.," "Int.," and "Ext" mean.
Without actually confirming it with each other, we're shooting for 100 pages by the 30th. The only problem is, we've run out of the resources we were going off of. We had started to write our script, basing it off of a story we were writing together. We've reached the end of what we had written in novel form.

Somehow, I don't think we'll have to much of a problem coming up with the rest of the plot. After all, that's one thing that doesn't change from novel to script. In the end, they both just tell a story.



  1. Did I mention I'm going to try to win ScriptFrenzy? Yeah...I must be crazy. I'm up to 46 pages. 46 pages in five days and 11 hours...I'm crazy.

  2. ROCK ON, you two! *cheers* You guys are making me SO EXCITED for you :D Haha, I LOVE flashbacks.... mostly :P (Actually, in the script I'm working on, there are basically two parallel stories, but one is basically a flashback.. it's confusing (OO) )

    "After all, that's one thing that doesn't change from novel to script. In the end, they both just tell a story."

    Amen, amen, amen.

    You kind of made my day. :D Thanks for the post.

    ps If you know the terms Ent and Ext as opposites of each other, it should actually be Int and not Ent as far as I know, because they stand for Interior and Exterior... let me know if I'm wrong/mistaken.

  3. I'm so surprised... I can't believe you've already accomplished more than 50 pages in just half the month. Congratulations! *play track for applause*