Sunday, April 17, 2011


If you haven't checked out this months questions for Beautiful People I would encourage you to do so, and maybe think about joining us! It's a really awesome way to learn more about your characters. Your beautiful creations.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about check out this post to discover all the answers to any questions you've ever had in your life. Okay... maybe not. However, it will answer any questions you may have about Beautiful People.

This month I'll be answering the questions on my character Weston. A little background information for you, Weston is considered a rather nerdy fellow. This may be due to his superpower of being able to hear voices from the past. History was his favorite subject, although he also thought calculus and physics were pretty cool too. He loves Exie, but never really gets the chance to tell her about it.

Not seeing him yet? Need an image? Me too.
Okay, here we go.

How old is he?

What does he do in his spare time?
Read, and I'm not talking electronically, like everyone else does in his world. Oh no, he prefers the feel of a real book, paper, ink, leather binding if he can find it. He likes to do that, and hang out with his four best friends.

Does he see the big picture, or live in the moment?
This is kind of a difficult questions for this guy. While he looks forward and sees the big picture, he learns through the course of the novel that things don't always turn out just like you thought they would. So, to begin with, yes, but he later learns to live in the moment as well and enjoy life while you've got what God has given you. Don't put things off to long.

Is he a perfectionist?
No, not really, he likes things to be done right, but he doesn't obsess over getting it perfect.

What does his handwriting look like?
Not to small, not to big, slightly slanted, and squished together.

Favorite Animal?
A platypus. I just decided that.

Does he have any pets?
Not really, his siblings do, and he helps out with them quiet a bit, but he doesn't have any of his own.

Does he have any siblings, how many, and where does he fit in?
He has eight siblings actually, two brothers and six sisters. He's the second oldest. There is one year difference between him and his older brother, and then a five year difference between him and his younger sister so the majority of his siblings are much younger then he.

Does he have a life verse and if so, what is it?
I've never really thought of a verse for him, but he does have a song, Higher Window, by Josh Groban.

Favorite writing utensil?
Anything he happens to find laying around, normally a stubby little pencil with no eraser.


  1. Why does this nerd make me so insanely happy?

    Can we just agree that Wes and Maleck are both sort of epic?

  2. Haha, I agree, he's pretty awesome. ;)