Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beautiful People - Ranen Ken

Ranen Ken

Ranen is one of the five main characters in my NaNo novel from 2010. His superpower is fire. He can manipulate it, conjure it from any heat source, and is not burned by it. His normal body temperature runs at about 150 degrees, and when he gets a fever, it's bad. He had a rather harsh background and has a lot of trouble controlling his temper.
Ranen Ken


What kind of music does he like?
He doesn't really listen to music. When he hears them he fancies guitar solos, but he'd much rather be listening to the crackle of a campfire than an instrument. To him, fire is music.

Does he like to go outside?
He actually prefers to be outside, although he doesn't mind being inside either.

Is he naturally curious?
No. Fact of the matter is, he really doesn't care.

Right, or left handed?

Favorite Color?

Where's he from?
He sometimes wonders if someone lit a match and he appeared from the trail of smoke. He's a wanderer and has been for as long as he can remember. Although, I suppose I can narrow it down some by saying, he's from somewhere on First World... of five.

Any enemies?
With a temper like his? He actually has trouble figuring out his enemies, from his friends. In his eyes, anyone who will scratch his back at that moment is a friend, anyone who won't... well... fire scares a lot of people.

What are his quarks?
He always wears flip-flops, when he's mad his hair smokes, and he's got amazing eyebrow flexibility.

What kind of things get on his nerves?
People who don't see things his way. Girls who burp, and skinny jeans.

Is he independent, or need others to help out?
Ranen is the meaning of independent. Until he met Grant and the gang there was no one to help out.

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  1. Haha, my answer to the color question was the same, :D

  2. Ranen sounds awesome! I love him just from this! Especially the answer to the music question... "He'd much rather be listening to the crackle of a campfire than an instrument. To him, fire is music." Very poetic. :) Though personally, I don't think crackling fire could replace music... music is too amazing. ;)

  3. That was awesome. Ranen Ken is a very. very intriguing character. Nice to meet him :]

  4. "No. Fact of the matter is, he really doesn't care."

    Snork. I love that. Ranen seems like an awesome character, one I'd definitely want to see in action. Thanks for doing this!