Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Which Georgie Announces her Love for Les Miserables

Yes, it's true. I'm in love with Les Miserables. Even though I still wonder if I'm saying it correctly.

I don't believe I can quite call myself a fan, considering I haven't read the book. In fact, I've only seen the 25th Anniversary performance on DVD. Uh, yes, that would be the one with Nick Jonas as Marius. No, I did not really like Marius. Yes, I gave him a chance and no, it wasn't just because he was played by Nick Jonas that I don't like him. Although, I did giggle when Fontaine's voice went deeper than I could ever imagine his going.

I don't think I could pick a favorite song. I love all of them really. I have my favorites, the obvious One Day More that everyone seems to love, Eponine's On My Own. I really like Do You Hear the People Sing, although I couldn't say it was my favorite.

Do you hear the people sing,
singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
who will not be slaves again.
When the beating of your heart
echoes the beating of the drums
there is a life about to start
when tomorrow comes.

I'd like to watch a few more versions, including the 10th anniversary performance, and the one with Liam Neeson, if only to compare them to the 25th anniversary edition.


  1. What, what, WHAT??? I can't believe this! woo hoo! =D Good for you. ;)

    Now, watch the 10th Ann. Concert. And, go see the PLAY, LIVE, while it's touring the US. <3

    Btw, the movie with Liam Neeson has absolutely nothing to do with the musical, and is a hugely mix up-ed version of the story. Watch the '78 film version (also non musical - a musical version of Les Miz is finally in the making after 25 years...), which is still a bit of a twist on the actual story, but EXCELLENT.

  2. Oh, this is a topic near and dear to my heart!

    I first heard the Les Mis soundtrack when I was six and my brother was four and, after we fell in love with it, our parents took us (yes, a six and four year old) to see it on stage. We were singing along and knew every word to every song. (I still know all of words! and I've seen it on stage four times total.)

    I have seen every movie version (except the 25th anniversary edition, which I'm dying to see) and my favorite is the 10th anniversary concert.

    (BTW: If you watch the Liam Neeson version... keep in mind that it is terrible! The casting is good, but the story is twisted and wrong. I watched it and, I don't hate many things, but that movie version of Les Mis is one of them)

    Anyway, Marius drives me crazy too, and Enjolras, Jean Provaire (aka Jehan) and Eponine and my favorite characters. Javert has some pretty awesome songs, though.

    I've read the "brick" (That's what us "Mizzies" call the unabridged novel) twice and am planning to read it again this year.

    It's great to meet a fellow Les Mis fan!

  3. YAY! I always get super excited when I find another Les Mis lover. :) Yep, you should definitely watch the 10th anniversary version--it is absolutely amazing. But the Liam Neeson movie--eh. Not so great.

  4. Oh, and we are going to go see it live in Portland in August! If you live nearby you should come! Tickets finally got down to a super affordable price.

  5. Oooh, you should read the book, it's one of my favorites. And hi there, I love your blog :)

  6. I know what you mean about not knowing how to pronounce things... I did a lot of research on Friedl Dicker-Brandeis (a woman who illegally taught children art while interned in a Nazi concentration camp) and I'm still not sure I'm pronouncing her name right!

    I've never seen Les Miserables, but I'm guessing it's a musical, and that it's good? Just a wild guess... ;)

  7. Wha? You haven't read the book?? It's okay, I haven't read it either... ;) I want to, though! :D

  8. ....I've never seen it.

    *dodges flying tomatoes*