Monday, June 27, 2011


Just in case you didn't know, I've got an awesome friend. This awesome friend is kind of like a sister. Just in case you didn't know, her name is Fin.

She makes me laugh. She lets me call her dorky names that are not in the least bit flattering. I don't have to explain to her that, "no, I don't mean 'like, like'" when I say, "I like him."
I know when I have nothing to say, I don't have to talk. She doesn't care. I love the fact that she knows just how I feel when I can't figure out how to tell anyone else. I love the fact that people sometimes assume we're twins.

Most of all I love her. Her unselfish willingness to serve. Her awesome writing talent, and her love for the Lord. 'Cause in Him, we really are in the same family, and that's the best part.


  1. Awww. :) You two are adorable. The last paragraph made me tear up a bit...y'all are awesome.

    ~hannah grace

  2. **wipes away tears** "My little Cheeseboy is all grown up and...savin' China!" Love ya Fin!

  3. I'm kinda fond of Fin myself. :) Excellent post my dear! I love the pics too!

  4. Awww, that was very sweet. ^.^ 'Tis wonderful you both have such a friend in each other.

  5. Aw, what a sweet post! <3 Yay for friends! :D