Monday, October 24, 2011

Beautiful People - The Way We Love

My turn to answer this months questions for Beautiful People. We're doing a special NaNoWriMo Edition this month to help everyone get even more excited for the upcoming event.... writing that sentence made me feel like a nerd. I'm okay with that though. Moving on.

We also challenged participants to answer all the questions, from each month, found in the BP Archives, all on one character. While I have done this several times already (it's amazing how much of a help this exercise can be) I won't be posting all the answers on my blog, in this post at least. So, for now, this months questions.

Sum up your novel in five words, or less.
Mislead brother seeks revenge.

Novel title?
The Way We Love.

Sum up your main character(s) in one word.
Grant: leader. Weston: nerd. Ranen: loner. Luna: capable. Lyric: strong.

Advice for newbies in three words?
Coffee and music.

Tell us about your secondary characters, how do they affect the story?
I've got quiet a few actually, but I'll try not to make this last to long. Shada, she's a young girl who helps Weston wake up and realize he can't just sit around for the rest of his life, mourning the death of Exie. She gets him moving. Lane, Grant's son. He pretty much causes the entire plot by unintentionally forcing Grant to return to First World. Jasper, the bad guy. He causes all the trouble. Tony, the one and only person outside of the gang that Ranen has ever cared a hoot about. His disappearance sends Ranen on a quest to find him. Throwing him into the path of Jasper.

Do you plan on staying up till midnight on the 31st?
Oh yes, I'm going to write till I can't keep my eyes open any more.

How many years have you done NaNo?
This will be my third.

What came first, characters, or plot idea?
I guess the characters, since this is the sequel and they were already there for me to use.

How much prep do you do before November?
I'm writing a full, incredibly detailed, outline. I'm on chapter 9, hopefully I'll get it done before the 1st.

Now be honest, how do you really feel about NaNo?
For me the question isn't "am I going to do NaNo this year?" It's always, "what am I doing for NaNo this year?" I've seriously considered doing my own 50k challenge in a different month, as well as the one in November, although I've never actually done it yet. I love the words, the friends, and the crazy nights. To sum it all up, NaNoWriMo is one of my favorite times of the year.

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  1. Weston: nerd. That pretty much sums him up. It made me laugh, too. :P I am SO stinking excited to read his novel of yours. You're amazing, dear. :)