Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lessons From Three Year Olds

I've slowly compiled this list as the three year olds in my life have graciously shared their... uh... wisdom.
1. Raccoons are the reason peach pits mold.
2. He who falls behind, screams the loudest.
3. Tripling the number of pleases will greatly influence the answer in your favor.
4. A hotrod is any car that looks cooler than yours.
5. Batman is his own sport.
6. If you don't know where a place is, it must be the next driveway over. Idaho for instance.
7. If you're tall enough to reach the piano keys, you play beautifully.
8. A priests job is to check people in at the door.
9. If you live far away, you must live in Africa. Even if the return address label says Ohio.
10. If someone makes you unhappy, imagine a world without them in it. This includes ignoring them when they beg for your forgiveness.
I wouldn't worry to much if you can't remember all of them, they're more like guidelines anyway.