Monday, October 31, 2011

The Stroke of Midnight

I'm one of those people who doesn't celebrate halloween. The only time I ever remember dressing up for it was last year. I went as a writer. It involved wearing my glasses instead of my contacts, putting my hair in a bun, and sticking a pen through it. Most people didn't even realize I was in costume.

I was telling one of my bosses today that I was going to stay up till midnight so I could start my "writing thing" as she called it. She found it silly to stay up and start writing then, when I could get a good nights sleep and start writing tomorrow. When Fin and I explained to her that half the fun was waiting that first night for the exact minute when you can start writing, she called us a strange breed.

Yes, I suppose we writers are a strange breed. We go through halloween day, waiting for it to be over. Because for us, the 31st just means the day before NaNo. Then, the real fun begins.

Find me on the NaNoWriMo website under the username georgiepenn.


  1. This is exactly me. I do not celebrate Halloween either, and instead just anxiously await for midnight to come (which is what I am doing now). We are a strange breed indeed. ;)

    Oh, and I love your blog by the way!^_^

    Happy NaNo'ing!! :D That time is almost upon us.

  2. I'm a part of that strange breed! ;) Although I have to be at work at (ugggh!) 9 tomorrow morning so I'll be dragging all day tomorrow! The whole month of November is also a 2+cup coffee a day...versus one large mug, I'll have 2! ;) Happy writing! (I added you as a buddy on NANO; I'm Meghan Mary G.

  3. I don't find anything about Halloween very interesting either, but... I had a good mental laugh about your "writer" costume. Sounds pretty cute, and that is exactly what I would do, if I had to scrape up a costume of some sort. :)

    It's weird how that in real life, I know zero persons who have ever heard of Nanowrimo. I have told a few friends about it, and thereafter they refer to it as the "writing thing" or a similar generic name... So hilarious.