Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Yours, and Writerly Musings

First of all, I love this kid. 

This video has 53,468,658 views. 20 of them were probably me. 

I haven't been doing a lot of writing lately, although I should be. My plan is not only to convert my NaNo novel of 2010 into a film script for Script Frenzy, but I would also like to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo this year. Both times. Thus, on top of the rewrites I should be doing to The Way We Think, I should be outlining. Ha. 

By the way, if you go to the Script Frenzy website and use the Plot Machine on the main page, you'll probably laugh. I did. 

While drowning in the Caspian Sea a wedding photographer with Tourette's puts his life on the line to save the ant colony. 

The great thing about writing is that nothing is really impossible. The other great thing, is everything you can put the characters through. You would think drowning in the Caspian Sea was rather life threatening, but just wait till we reach the ant colony. That's where you'll find the real danger. 

I have been working on a bit of a short story. It's based off of a quote Fin and I found on the internet. You can read the entire thing here (it's rather long). It inspired something along these lines. 
He reached the little shop within twenty minutes. A sign on the door warned him to step down as he entered. 
The first thing he noticed was the air. Not just the smell of an old book, or turning pages, but that thick air that surrounds them and makes them feel that much different. 
The second thing he noticed was the cat, sitting next to the cash register. Perhaps he'd chosen the place to rest, not only because he could easily keep an eye on those who entered, but also because every other surface on the counter was covered with books. Piles of books. 
The long haired creature blinked lazily, as if Reed held no interest for him, and yet the soft green eyes remained locked on him. Watching his every move. 
Reed found an uncertain smile on his face and a few words stuttering from his lips. 
"I... just wanted to... to look around." He stopped when he realized he was talking to a cat. 
He wasn't sure if there was any other human in the building. Not only could he hear no evidence of it, but he could also see none. 
I'm sure I'll get to my outlining eventually. The week before Camp NaNo begins perhaps? 

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  1. We need more hours in the day, hey? :)

    PS I just started following your blog. It's great! I like your "beautiful people" link up. Heaps of fun exploring your characters that way.