Friday, March 16, 2012


I want to take a massive road trip. When I say massive I mean, across the United States. My family kind of already did that, except we were in a motor home. I don't want to do it in a motor home. I want to do it in a 1960 convertible cadillac. Blue. With fins.

I'm going to find a country road in the dead of the night, and someone else will drive while I lay back and watch the stars roll by. The radio will be playing ever so quietly, and I'll probably fall asleep, but that's okay. Also, it won't rain, despite what my pessimist of a sister says.

That is all. 


  1. Someday I want to own a cream coloured 1955 Thunderbird and I'll drive it through the country, stopping whenever something catches my photographic eye. I won't turn back when I think is probably best but when I realize I don't want to walk back to the nearest gas station. Before I go back though I'll pull off on the side of the road and sit on the hood, playing guitar. That is all.

  2. A whisper to the endless night...a feeling, that this, this right here, is ALL...the unnumbered vastness overhead, and the cool breeze, the gentle roar of a blue engine...that somehow I have reached His love in the sky, and His freedom in the open road spinning away beneath me...that is all~