Monday, January 3, 2011

Favorites of 2010 - Books

My dear blogging friend, Tarissa, from In The Bookcase, listed her favorite books she read last year and invited others to do the same. It sounded fun to me, so here goes.

I've read a total of 34 books in 2010. Rather sad, even more so compared to the 62 I read in 2009. Anyway, my favorites...

1. Blood Red Horse by K. M. Grant. Ever since I read this book it's been a favorite of mine. The crusades, horses, the slightest touch of romance. I love it.

2. The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff. Set in Roman Britain, packed with history and suspense. Written by one of my seester's favorite authors, I've been meaning to read more of her novels.

3. Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis. I've heard this book was confusing, I've heard it made perfect sense. I've heard people put it down, I've heard it praised to the skies. So, I read it. It was amazing. I would recommend it to anyone. Honestly.

4. Tuck by Steven Lawhead. The third book in the King Raven trilogy was most certainly the best. If you haven't read the King Raven series, and you're into Robin Hood as much as I am, you need to.

5. White by Ted Dekker. Another third book. Second only to Black in my opinion, however I read Black in '09. Ted Dekker made it to my list of awesome people after I finished this series.

6. In Defense of the Faith by Dave Hunt. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this book was. Defending the faith is something all Christians should know how to do, and (next to the Bible of course) this is the handbook.

7. Start Here by Alex and Brett Harris. Not as good as Do Hard Things, but it still makes you think. A powerful books written for teens, by teens.

8. The Martyr's Song by Ted Dekker. Ted Dekker again, I know. The first book I read of his that wasn't in the Circle Trilogy. It had me hooked from the very beginning. If I remember correctly I even cried at one point. Not something I do to often.

So, one of my goals for 2011, read more books.

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  1. What a lovely list of books! I actually have not read any of these myself, but I'm interested in some. I'm so glad you posted this!