Thursday, January 20, 2011

True Grit - The Western I Loved

My Daddy took my family to see True Grit last week. I actually wasn't really looking forward to it for two reasons. #1 I'm not a big fan of westerns. #2 I'm really not a fan of John Wayne, therefore any movie he played in before must not be that great.
That was the movie Daddy wanted to see though, so we went. I watched a western. I loved a western.

"There is nothing free in this world... except the grace of God." -Mattie Ross

One of the things I loved the most about this move was the language. How true it was to the time period. Mattie's quick wit, and responses.
Not only was the language period, so was the acting, the belief's, and... everything.

"I've just come from Yale County." -LaBoeuf

"I wasn't aware we had rodeo clowns in Yale County." -Mattie Ross

"A saucy line will not get you far with me." -LaBoeuf

It was a tad bit gory. I really did not need to see such a close shot of fingers being sliced into segments. Even if you have the nice effects to make it look so real doesn't mean I wanted to see it. I don't think I'll be watching the new Spartacus movie coming out. The trailer only was way to gory.

"So, you say that when Amos Wharton raised his axe, you backed away from him." -Lawyer

"That's right." -Rooster Cogburn

"In what direction were you going?" -Lawyer

"Backwards. I always go backwards when I back up." -Rooster Cogburn

My jaw dropped at more then one scene in this movie. I'm not talking as an average viewer anymore, I'm talking wanna be movie maker. This was movie making genius.

I haven't seen the original True Grit, I don't really want to even now (like I said, it's a John Wayne thing) but from what my family (who have seen it) said, it follows the original far more then we were lead to believe. Don't listen to the guy who gives you your tickets. He knows nothing.

The acting was amazing. Jeff Bridges should be given a medal. Hailee Steinfeld needs to be in more movies, and Matt Damon was... Matt Damon.

So, great movie. Probably one of my favorites. Never thought I would say that about a western, but there you have it.


  1. C'mon, LaBoeuf was awesome, admit it. ;) Yes, it was a REALLY good movie!

  2. YAY, I'm glad you saw it and liked it. I thought it was just awesome. : )

  3. I am interested in seeing it, though I do have to admit, I liked the John Wayne version. (Okay, I know he's not much of an actor)

    Interesting you should think the new movie rather gory; the John Wayne version also was a cut above his normal style, in terms of violence. (Nothing to nowadays, of course)

    But as the producers and everybody was emphasizing; they didn't do a re-make, they did another adaption of the novel.

    And of course, I do love westerns!

  4. I haven't seen this movie. But I did see The Young Victoria. ;)