Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Attempt is Write

Day 3 - Your first attempt at writing.

I love how Lerowen words this one. "attempt at writing." That was certainly true for me. In fact, even now I feel like it's all just an attempt. One big attempt to get it write... or... er, right.

Anyway, I don't really remember when I first started to write. I've been asked the question many a time before, but all I can really do is guess. It was probably sometime when I was 7, or 8. I don't remember why I thought I might enjoy it, I don't remember what it was about. The first thing I do remember is writing a "novel" (as I called it in my own little head) about a girl who actually liked to wash dishes. In fact, she went to tournaments and won awards for her speed at washing dishes.
I dedicated it to my sister. Why? I have no idea, she hated washing dishes.

After that things became a little more serious. I actually had a lot of great ideas that I still run into and tell myself I really had something there. One of these I am actually still working on. Ash Valley.
In my early writing days I spent hours working on the first book in the trilogy Ash Valley is apart of. Somewhere along the line I got so excited about the second book (you guessed it, Ash Valley) I quite the first one and started it. I've been working on it ever since. At the moment I'm working on outlining it so I can do a complete re-write and I'm even contemplating using it as my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel. I love the story. I love the characters. I love the setting. I just can't seem to get it written. That's what NaNo is for, right?

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  1. Hugely enjoyed reading about your first attempt! Love it! =D

  2. Haha speed-washing dishes? I love it!

  3. How fun! A dish washing contest. I very much enjoyed your post.