Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beautiful People - Heskith

This post is rather bittersweet. It's the first Beautiful People post I shall be writing that's not about the characters in The Way We Think. The characters from that novel are probably my most favorite, and have become the most real of all my beautiful characters. Its been awesome learning even more about them, but, it's time to move on.

I give you, Hesktith Cealnoor from Ash Valley. King of Aanoor, and brother to my favorite villain.

What is his biggest accomplishment?
Finding his kidnapped son after eight years of searching.

What is his strongest childhood memory?
When he was eight years old he woke to find his older brother, Dugan, packing all his things. When Dugan realized he was awake he came and sat on his bed, talking to him, telling him that he would have to leave, but someday he would be back. As he left he paused in the door and told him that he loved him. Heskith didn't see him for another eleven years.

What is his favorite food?
One of his favorite things to do with his daughter is roast apples over an open fire, and sweeten them with honey. Maybe it's because he always does it in the company of one of his favorite people, maybe it's because it gets him out of his royal life for awhile, but nothing tastes better to him than those baked apples.

Does he believe in love at first sight?
No, he's far to practical for that.

What kind of home does he live in?
He's a king. He lives in a castle. Paranoor Castle actually. People travel from other kingdoms just to see it from a distance.

What does he wear?
The things he's almost always wearing are his black cloak, his sword belt, and a leather jerkin.

What would he do if he discovered he were dying?
He would make sure the kingdom was left in good hands, then get on a horse and ride away with his family. He would find somewhere where no one else would go and spend the rest of his time there, in peace, with those he loved.

What kind of holidays, or traditions does he celebrate?
The country of Aanoor has few celebrations, but when they do the party goes on for days. Still haven't sorted out all the details. One of the largest celebrations lasts for almost a week and it's to remember the day Aanoor was won in a horse race by Heskith's Father in law.

What do your other characters have to say about him?
The villagers would tell you they would give their lives for him, his first concern is for them, and that he rarely smiles, but maybe that's just how all royalty are.

If he could change one thing in his world, what would it be?
Peace. He would have everyone at peace with one another. All the worries and sorrows of war would be gone.

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  1. That's a cool map! I tried to do maps when I wrote fantasy (which I failed epicly out--that's why I write historical fiction now), but they never came out that cool looking.

  2. Love it! I agree with Nairam, that map is pretty cool. :) And Heskith sounds like a great character! I don't blame him for liking roasted apples; I'm fond of them, myself. Tell him to try them with cinnamon! ;)