Tuesday, August 23, 2011


You know that moment when you realize your blog posts have been fewer to non-excistant in the last three weeks? You feel like you barely have time to sleep, let alone blog.

I wonder if I'll ever get back into the groove of typing out my thoughts in this little box, or if this blog will slip away and become one of the thousands that have been abandoned. Don't worry though, I've got far to many thoughts banging about in my mind to give it up entirely.

While I have forgotten my blogging, it seems others have not. I was given the same award three times. I'm to thank Katie, Mirriam, and Charity for awarding me the Liebster Blog award. I shan't be passing it on, but I'm very flattered for the appreciation you've bestowed upon this speck of speck in the internet world.

For those of you who haven't seen this months Beautiful People post, be sure to check out the new questions, there are some great ones!

I shall end this strange, mash up of a post with this.

Expect a post on them in the future, probably not in the near future, but possibly sometime beyond that. Kudos to those who know who they are.


  1. I know who they are! Pick me! Pick me!

  2. Jane Eyre and the guy she marries...um.... Mr. Rochester

  3. Um. Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester?

  4. I imagine kudos taste like granola and chocolate. That is Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester, played by I don't know who and...I don't know.

  5. Oh! Jane Eyre! :)

    This is my first month joining the Beautiful People fun. I answered the questions last night, and I must say that I learned a great deal about my character just by answering the 10 questions!

    I love your blog so far--of course, the Adam Young cover of In Christ Alone on the sidebar helps. ;)