Monday, August 22, 2011

Beautiful People - August

Hard to believe that it's time, once again, for some new Beautiful People questions. Sometimes I think once a month is almost to often for these posts, they're slowly taking over my blog. Don't worry, once a month it will remain, and this post won't turn into an apology on my lack of posting lately. Nope, this is a Beautiful People post.

Feel free to join in at any time. Below are ten questions to be answered about any of your well loved characters. Be it in a novel, a script, a song, or anything else you've written. At any time during the month, type up your answers in a blog post of your own, than come back here and sign the linky at the bottom of this post so others can read about your beautiful character.

Last, but not least, even though some of the questions seemed geared towards non-fantasy kind of characters, I still encourage fantasy authors to see if they can adapt the questions so it'll work for them. If you need to change the questions around a little bit, please feel free to do so. You could also imagine what the answer would be if your character wasn't fantasy. What would they be like in a modern world?

So, here are this months questions.
1. What is their biggest accomplishment?
2. What is their strongest childhood memories?
3. What is their favorite food?
4. Do they believe in love at first sight?
5. What kind of home do they live in?
6. What do they like to wear?
7. What would they do if they discovered they were dying?
8. What kind of holidays, or traditions do they celebrate?
9. What do your other characters have to say about them?
10. If they could change one thing in their world, what would it be?
We've got some great questions this time, I can't wait to see some of your answers! Thanks to Taylor Lynn for suggesting some of these questions. Please feel free to comment with any question ideas you may have!


  1. I agree with Josiphine. :) The questions are always excellent, but this set really forced me to think!

  2. Fabulous questions this month - as always, I had a great time answering them! :) Thanks for hosting BP yet again, Georgie! :D